torsdagen den 3:e april 2014

I have been a busy bee this week and I finally got some time to close the doors at home and sit down. This dress is actually from the store Lindex, but I love the 1920:s inspiration and the soft color. The woolen jacket is a piece that you might have seen here before, it is a vintage find that I made on I just adore that website, I could sit there for hours (expensive hours).

Last weekend was an amazing wedding event at Beyond Retro - see pictures from it here. And this weekend a lot will happen in Stockholm! On Saturday there is a new flea- and design market in town: Cyklopens Svarta Marknad. And on Sunday you can visit the lovely Vintagemässan. See you there!

tisdagen den 25:e mars 2014

I have a new job at the most amazing magazine - if you love vintage and nostalgia check it out! Minnenas Journal and the webpage is in Swedish but I think google translate can work magic for you. And hey, the lovely videos from the 1920:s and the amazing pictures are anyhow without any need of sound!

So after some busy weeks me and my friend finally went down to the lake and watched the sun turn it purple. In Sweden, mars mean spring, but it also means surprising snow that comes and goes. I guess that really can makes us appreciate when the sun finally shines through.

This shirt is a new love of mine. I bought it at a flea market and I adore its lightness and its metal buttons. I also have an obsession for mixing wool with something sheer. This is a pair of woolen and angora shorts, bought in a second hand in Stockholm.  

torsdagen den 6:e mars 2014

Just like that I release that not only did I get a pair of high waist squared pants for 4 dollars on a vintage sale - they are also from the famous designer Giorgio Sant' Angelo! Born in 1933 and lived to 1989, his creativity has been inspiration for fashion designers ever since, Marc Jacobs to name one. He also styled some famous fashion shoots, like the one with Twiggy in Vouge, from 1967, 18 months after she was discovered:

onsdagen den 26:e februari 2014

There is a huge flea market coming up in Stockholm this weekend! 'On the Flea' in Kistamässan is said to be one of the biggest flea markets in town. And it is not only in Stockholm, here you can see all the cities that it will attend in the future.

In a couple of weeks I will attend to an Oriental masquerade. I already have another outfit, this is not the one. But it goes to show how inspired I am of the concept. This hysterical, lovely, vintage sequin top is from Beyond Retro's stock sale. Beyond Retro once priced it to 77 dollar and now they sold it for 6 dollar. Yes 6 dollar, that was not a misspelling. And the Beyond Retro sale continues; tomorrow they have 'Late night shopping' with sales, at Åsögatan in Stockholm.

The hairpiece I wear is actually a black pearl top. I formed it with some hair needles and shaped a veil. The lace skirt once was my mothers. I love her wardrobe.

torsdagen den 20:e februari 2014

Here is two of my stock finds from last week's Beyond Retro sale! I have been locking for ages for a pair of high waist, square patterned pants. And there they where, in mustard and brown. Perfect length to fold up, and to show of my new pair of leather shoes. The pants ones costed 42 dollars and shoes 76 dollars. I got them for 6 dollars and 7 dollars. Now that's a sale!

The lovely turban is from the 1940:s. If you ask me, I think we wear turbans too seldom.

fredagen den 14:e februari 2014

Today was a great day! Or should I say that it was a great morning - it is still early afternoon. The reason for this great morning is not because it is Valentines but because I went to Beyond Retro's stock sale! I bought clothes for 70 dollars, that would have cost me 384 dollars if it weren't for the sale.

The Beyond Retro stock sale was crazy and it will be opened this whole weekend. If you can go - make sure you do! You will find it in Zinkensdamm in Stockholm. But be prepared that it will be crowded. I came when it opened this morning and it took about 5 minutes until it was packed. However everyone was super nice to each other. And hey it is in the most crowded rooms that you will find the best and cheapest second hand! 

The vintage white lace dress that you can see above was a find at Beyond Retro that I made some years ago. Since then it has actually been a favorite of mine. However the real magic in the pictures is the rare vintage sailor hat. It comes from the beginning of the 20th century. Around 100 years old, it once belonged to a young boy. It has the lovely 'Donald Duck string' and it is numbered inside. Maybe it was part of his Sunday best?

torsdagen den 6:e februari 2014

The lovely feather toque was such a find at the Megaloppisen in Solna, outside Stockholm! This delicate vintage hat is made out of lovely feathers and decorated with silver pearls. It dates back to the 1920:s, hard to believe that it has made it for 90 years in such great condition! It is perfect for weddings or just for finer dinners.

The flea market in Solna was last weekend, and I unfortunately missed it this time because I was visiting Finland. However now I have some vintage tips in Helsinki for you guys:

- Explore the street Fleminginkatu! If you have your eyes open you will find a lot of small second hand stores and vintage boutiques! You will also find a lot of cool cafes and bars. 

- At Fargo Vintage you will find a lot of special things, furniture and clothes. I, for instance, found a lovely carrying tray from the 1940:s. In the cases on the top the girls had ice cream, and to carry it around your body you had leather straps. The same trays that the lovely cigarette girls had:

- At Ansa second hand I found a lovely petticoat from the 1920:s. I was so surprised because I have never seen one from that era before. Adorable!

- Another awesome place was Soul Vintage. You will find it at Helsinginkatu 6, close by Fleminginkatu. Here I found this awesome backpack, for you who adores the 1980:s and 1990:s. And the clock actually still works. For more vintage tips from Helsinki look here.